Page County Environmental Health is responsible for permitting and inspecting all on-site waste water treatment systems replaced or repaired within Page County.

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  Page County, Iowa - Environmental Health

Page County Environmental Health is responsible for permitting and inspecting all on-site waste water treatment systems replaced or repaired within Page County. We require a percolation test or soil analysis on all systems. The fee for the percolation test is $350.00 and the septic permit fee is $225.00.

Prior to construction or re-construction the owner is required to obtain a permit from the Environmental Health Office. The size of a system is determined by State Code, Chapter 69, based on factors such as soil types and the number of bedrooms in the house. In all cases a soil analysis or a percolation test is needed to determine the length of drain field.

Tank size is determined by the number of bedrooms. All systems must receive prior approval and be inspected before the system is completely installed and operable. The key to a successful septic system is the analysis before installation and proper care of the system by the homeowner once the system is in place.

All new private water wells, heat pump wells and monitoring wells are permitted and inspected. Prior to drilling, a site assessment is conducted. Another inspection is made upon completion of drilling. A well permit is $175.00, the well permit shall be obtained prior to having the work completed and the well driller must also be a state certified well driller in order for them to work in the State of Iowa.

Coliform Bacteria and Nitrates are the most common forms of contamination found in private water wells. Water tests through the Grants to Counties Program are FREE, and our staff will take the sample and mail it to a certified lab and you will get a copy of the results. We also will make recommendations on how you can correct the problem if your well is contaminated. Our staff makes every effort to determine the source of contamination for unacceptable test results.

Page County administers the Department of Natural Resources water well grant each year. This grant assists property owners with cost share monies to properly plug abandoned wells. Property owners are reimbursed the cost of materials up to $500 per well and $300 per cistern. The Grants to Counties Program also provides cost share assistance to correct well construction problems that may allow contaminants to enter the well and the groundwater supply, once rehabilitated, they will produce good well water again.

Page Countyís environmental ordinance requires that all rural property being transferred must be inspected prior to transfer. All wells are identified, sampled and inspected, the on-site septic system is inspected for compliance, and old solid waste dumping sites are identified. The inspection fee is $225.00. The seller is responsible for having the inspection completed and presenting the report to the prospective buyer, prior to or during the negotiation of the sale. There is no requirement to repair or upgrade the well if the sample is contaminated, but there is a requirement to upgrade the septic system if there is any illegal discharge or other evidence of non-compliance.

Page County also offers radon kits that are available year round for a minimal fee and has other radon reference materials available to the general public.

Page County Environmental is also responsible for pool, spa, and tanning bed inspection in Page County. If you think there is a lot of chlorine in the pool itís because it is necessary and required to protect pool users from transmitting and contacting diseases through the water. The county sanitarian conducts a comprehensive inspection of all pools in the contracted areas. Items such as water quality, disinfection, testing, construction, safety and lifeguard certification are all scrutinized on an annual basis to provide a safe environment for the public.

Address of Environmental Health office:
2039 Highway 71 North
Clarinda, IA 51632

Hours Office is open:
Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

Office: (712) 542-3864
(844) 273-6069

Environmental Health Coordinator:
Darin Sunderman

Cell Phone Number:
(712) 303-0315


Environmental Health Forms:
Downloadable forms
used in the Environmental Health office

Environmental Health Links:

Iowa Department of Public Health - Bureau of Environmental Health Services

Iowa Environmental Health Association (IEHA)

Iowa Onsite Waste Water Association (IOWWA)

Iowa DNR Water Quality

Iowa DNR Wastewater/Septic

IA State Code: Chapter 69

National Small Flows Clearing House

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